I have been training with Serenity Fitness & Lifestyle for the past three years. My wife originally introduced me to Janet. She also still trains with her and I have not looked back.

When I started with Janet I was an aging out of shape weakling with back and other issues which I thought were due to my advancing age. Three years later, what a turnaround! I have realized with Janet’s guidance that my pain issues were not related to age but to a lack of proper training, posture, etc.

She has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well- being not just my muscles. 

Janet knows exactly how to encourage me, push me, entertain me, distract me. She helps me understand the importance of correct form – once you’ve got this right, it never leaves you.

Apart from regular training sessions, Janet has also helped with diet and routine so that I am maintaining my fitness when she isn’t present.  It makes a big difference to the effectiveness of a trainer if they overlook your diet, lifestyle and exercise plan.

Janet has got to be one of the most motivated and upbeat people that I have ever met and this is what attracted me to her as a personal trainer.  Her infectious positivity is what you need to exercise at my age. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

- Gerald
Age 65