Janet Alexander has saved my life - and not in the traditional, 'I was largely overweight and now I'm significantly healthier,' way. She has helped me start living my life in a truly authentic way. 

I had tried many diets, training plans and even other trainers in the past and I was lucky if I made it 3 months, let alone to the point of reaching my goal. Janet's approach is completely different. For her it's about the wholistic experience - health of mind, body and soul. 

When we started I was expecting your tv style training session where I would be throwing up from the pain. We started with simple mobility work to get my hips moving in the right way. 

I can hear her in my head when I'm at the gym alone, "You should always feel good after working out."

Slowly over time she built up my strength and I never felt like it was work. It felt like therapy for my body. 

This approach has helped me lose over 60 lbs and we are just getting started! Her gym is an oasis. A space just for me and my own development. She has never imposed anything on me that I wasn't open to, never demanding and always willing to be flexible around my schedule. 

She has helped me become very conscious of my physical and emotional states, increased my mobility/flexibility as well an overall shift towards healthier habits in general. We talk through strategies when I know I'll be in risky environments. She is very clear that her priority is to help me live the best life possible - and sometimes that means indulging in unhealthy food or alcohol. She never uses shame or guilt and always focuses on next steps when I've fallen off the path. 

I could not imagine what my life would be like without her and I know we have many years ahead of us still. 

Thanks for everything Janet!