I am a 45 year old retired military husband and father of two young children. Throughout my 20 years of service, I sustained my share of injuries some of which led to surgeries on both knees and both shoulders, and bone spurs in my vertebrae that would still require a high-risk operation. From being a fit, proud soldier, I felt demoralized and weak. By the end of my army career, I was unable to run more than 2km and do any basic push-ups. I fell into an “It hurts so I can’t do it!” attitude and was taking strong prescription drugs daily to help dull the pain. Dealing with low self-esteem and watching my close relationship with my wife become more distant, I hit a low point in my life and knew that it had to change.

On December 29, 2015 I tried to work out again in my basement, but soon found myself bored and giving up. I considered buying yet another exercise gimmick, but my wife quickly talked me out of it and suggested that I get a gym membership instead. So, I joined a gym and enlisted the help of a Personal Trainer, not really knowing or expecting much. My trainer, Janet, immediately started working with me on my poor core strength and a good nutrition track. After only three months of instruction three days a week and cardio on my own, I lost 30 pounds. Ecstatic and determined, I kept at it, now realizing that I could do more. The inches and fat percentage kept dropping and it wasn’t too long before I stopped my medications.

Janet’s coaching and guidance has helped me achieve my fitness goals and much more. I can easily do 30+ push-ups and I run approximately 20 km a week, plus my relationship with my wife and kids has never been better.

Starting at 234lbs, 30% body fat and a size 38, I am currently 194lbs, 12% body fat and into a 34. Thank you Janet,  for assisting me in my awesome transformation.

Lucy Martin